La Casa De Los Tacos Review

By Staff Writer, Posted 12-31-2019
La Casa de Los Tacos

Many Secaucus residents have probably never heard of La Casa De Los Tacos. That's because unlike large chain restaurants such as the Olive Garden or Red Lobster, this is a small independently owned restaurant tucked away in a relatively desolate part of town. If you do make the effort to find it, though, you will be treated to authentic Mexican food that you won't get anywhere else in Secaucus. So it is definitely worth paying them a visit just to see what you have been missing.

The quality of the food is quite good. What they serve seems to be fresh and made on the spot. And perhaps more importantly, it is authentic Mexican cuisine. Comparing what La Casa serves with a large chain like Chi-Chi's, you can definitely tell the difference. There is just a distinctive flavor to this restaurant's dishes. I am not saying that one is necessarily better than the other, but everyone should at least try for themselves to taste the difference.

The prices here aren't dirt cheap, but they ARE on the inexpensive side. So it is not a bad value at all. Your average dinner entree will run you about $12 to $14 not including drinks or appetizers. The proportions are decently sized, and I have never left feeling ripped off.

La Casa de Los Tacos Menu
La Casa de Los Tacos Menu
La Casa de Los Tacos Menu
La Casa de Los Tacos Menu

I did find, however, that this restaurant has a relatively limited menu (shown above, click to enlarge). It is not necessarily small per se. It is just that the variety of flavors are limited. For example, if you order a burrito, you can choose one of twelve different meat/vegetarian fillings. While that is a good number of options, if you order a quesadilla, you pretty much just have those same twelve filling choices. So after a few visits, I found myself running out of new flavors to try.

With La Casa De Los Tacos being a small family owned restaurant, it's understandably, well, small. There is seating for only about 20 people among a series of small tables, and things do feel a little crowded. So if you have a large crowd, this might not be the best venue. (On a side note, the restaurant provides catering services if you indeed have a very large crowd.) The management did try to do their best to make the space appealing, though. Like their cuisine, the decor follows a very traditional Mexican theme with colorful decorations and cultural items. So don't go in expecting a cool soothing environment. Instead, the space has a festive feel much like what you might find in a Mexican fiesta.

Despite the owner's commendable efforts in the decor, though, there is no getting around the actual location of the restaurant. It is located at the edge of town on County Ave. The only notable landmark in that area is the main Secaucus Post Office. Other than that, it is mostly corporate businesses and a few residential streets. So it is definitely not a part of town that one would naturally pass through. Plus, the parking is limited. The business does have its own parking lot. But given its size limitations, there are only around 6 spots. So during peak lunch or dinner hours, expect to have to look for parking elsewhere. Unfortunately, given that the area is mostly commercial buildings, there aren't a lot of street parking options either.

La Casa De Los Tacos is a perfect example of the small family restaurant. From seeing how the staff interacts with the customers as well as with each other, you just know that they are not regular employees working for some boss in the back. As such, they seem to care about providing a quality experience for their customers. Of course, being a small restaurant, they have their share of shortcomings as well. But taking all things into account, if you are looking for authentic Mexican food, they are definitely worth checking out.

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