Secaucus Environmental Department Considering Residential Food Waste Program

From Secaucus Township, Posted 01-22-2020
1,160 lbs of food, on average, is lost to the garbage pail each year by an American family of four. The environmental problem created by food waste is the excess amount of methane gas it emits while breaking down in our landfills. Greenhouse gases, such as methane, absorb radiation and heat up the earth’s atmosphere, causing global warming and climate change.

To help alleviate the problem of excess food waste and reduce the amount of trash we send to a landfill, the Environmental Department has been in discussions with a composting company to start a residential food waste program for the Town of Secaucus to turn our excess food waste into usable compost. In order for this program to move forward, we need to gauge the level of interest from the Secaucus community and determine if there would be enough support for us to initiate a Secaucus food waste program.

Please help us by taking our online composting survey at
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