Hudson Regional Hospital Donates Hand Sanitizer to Secaucus Schools

By Staff Writer, Posted 03-11-2020

In an effort to battle the Novel Coronavirus as well as support the local community, Hudson Regional Hospital, located on Meadowlands Parkway in Secaucus, donated and distributed 3,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to students at Secaucus public schools earlier today. As many people have unfortunately realized, hand sanitizer has become a precious commodity recently as they have been sold out in stores for weeks now. This is due to the fact that many have been stocking up on cleaning supplies in preparation for the further spread of the Coronavirus, especially hand sanitizer. Therefore, although parents have been instructing their kids to keep their hands clean to reduce the chances of contracting the virus, it has become harder and harder for the kids to do so due the shortage of the now vital cleaning chemical.

Secaucus public schools have already been holding special assemblies to instruct students on how to stay healthy in the past few weeks. And thanks to Hudson Regional Hospital, the overall initiative to keep Secaucus kids from getting sick is now that much more successful. To further the effort, Secaucus schools will be having early dismissals over the next few days so that the school faculty and staff can prepare for remote classes in case the situation worsens and schools need to be closed. For further details, please refer to Secaucus School Closings in Preparation for Coronavirus.
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