10/9 Update on Secaucus' Coronavirus Statistics

By Staff Writer, Posted 10-09-2020
Unfortunately, this is the second week in a row during which there have been an unusually high number of new coronavirus cases reported. Hopefully, this doesn't become a pattern. See the details on the latest statistics in the graph below. (Click on any of the data points to see daily statistics.)

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The total number of COVID-19 cases climbed from 683 last week to 691 this week. That's an increase of 8 new cases, the same as last week. Just two weeks ago, there were only 2 new cases reported, so the current infection rate has become significantly higher. In fact, just from studying the graph above, it can be seen that the shape of Secaucus' coronavirus curve is beginning to slightly tilt upward. This suggests that the virus may be spreading again after weeks of a relatively flat curve. Given that the weather is getting cooler, perhaps a higher infection rate can't be avoided since viruses generally thrive more in colder temperatures.

Maybe even more concerning than the increased number of new cases is that the first case of COVID-19 has just been reported within the Secaucus school system since schools reopened last month. Although the details have not been released, School Superintendent Jennifer Montesano did announce that the case pertains to the Clarendon Elementary school, and the school has sinced been closed for cleaning and disinfecting. (All Clarendon students will do 100% virtual learning Monday and Tuesday.) Naturally, this has many parents worried, especially those with kids currently attending Clarendon. Hopefully, this was just an isolated case.
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