First Vaccines Administered at the Secaucus POD

From Secaucus Township, Posted 12-30-2020
Today is a historic day for Secaucus. In the first-of-its-kind in New Jersey, the Secaucus Vaccination POD received a very limited batch of vaccines that were administered to healthcare workers and emergency personnel working at the Vaccination POD. This small step in our collective fight against COVID-19 will soon grow into a fully active site providing vaccines to the Secaucus community. Please be advised that details of the schedule and number of vaccines we will receive are still not clear. We assure you that we will share information as soon as we receive it.

“It’s a great day for Secaucus. I am very happy that we could get the Vaccination POD set up in Town. Our goal is to have this vaccine easily available to our residents, and the POD does it. I can’t wait for more vaccine shipments, so our residents continue to be safe and healthy,” said Mayor Michael Gonnelli.

While we are waiting for additional vaccines to be shipped to our site, the Mayor and Town Council, Department of Health, Administration, Police and Emergency Personnel are working closely to ensure smooth operation of the POD. A registration process will be available to all residents soon. Based on CDC and Department of Health and Human Services guidelines, the registration system will determine when you will be eligible for the vaccine. Because every vaccine must be accounted for, everyone will have to go through the registration system which ensures vaccines are given only to those who are eligible based on these phased guidelines:

1a. Health care personnel and long-term facility residents.

1b. Frontline essential workers and persons aged 75 years and older.

1c. Persons aged 65-74 years, persons aged 18-64 with high risk conditions and essential workers not recommended in Phase 1b.

2. All people aged 18 years and older not in Phase 1C. Please note, vaccines will be given strictly by appointment only. No walk-ins are allowed.

For the latest updates on the Secaucus Vaccination POD, please visit
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