01/07 Update on Secaucus' Coronavirus Statistics

By Staff Writer, Posted 01-08-2021
Due to the holidays, Secaucus' coronavirus statistics were delayed. Catching back up with the latest data now, we can see that there was yet another huge spike in the number of new COVID-19 cases over the past two weeks. This is very disappointing since the infection rate had been slowing down in the weeks leading up to Christmas. So it looks like things have once again taken a turn for the worse. See the details in the graph below. (Click on any of the data points in the graph to see daily statistics.)

Apr '20
May '20
Jun '20
Jul '20
Aug '20
Sep '20
Oct '20
Nov '20
Dec '20
Jan '21

Over the last two weeks, the total number of COVID-19 cases grew from 1,533 cases to 1,831 cases. That averages to 149 new cases per week since December 24. By comparison, there were only 67 new cases during the week of December 17, so the infection rate has yet again jumped dramatically higher. Many medical experts actually predicted this spike given the number of family gatherings during Christmas. So now that the holiday season is over, the infection rate will hopefully begin to gradually decrease. On a positive note, there were no new cases of coronavirus-related deaths reported in the last two weeks. Also, the first COVID-19 vaccinations were administered in Secaucus to healthcare workers and emergency personnel last week. This was a tremendous step in the town's battle against the virus, and it gives Secaucus residents hope that vaccines for the general public will be coming soon.
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