02/05 Update on Secaucus' Coronavirus Statistics

By Staff Writer, Posted 02-05-2021
Although vaccines have already begun to be distributed to Secaucus residents via the POD (Point of Distribution) that the township has set up, only a very limited subset of the population are eligible to receive them at the moment. So it is not surprising that there wasn't much change in the COVID-19 infection rate in Secaucus this week. Although that is neither good news or bad news, the fact that were were no new coronavirus-related deaths again this week is always a positive sign. See the details in the graph below. (Click on any of the data points in the graph to see daily statistics.)

Apr '20
Jul '20
Oct '20
Jan '21

Over the past seven days, there were 94 newly reported cases of COVID-19 as the total number of cases grew from 2,099 to 2,193. As of last week, the average number of new weekly cases was 89, so the infection rate seems to have crept up a little again. But of course, this was only a 5.6% increase, so it doesn't represent another spike. Overall, the infection rate has remained relatively consistent over the past few weeks (as denoted by the slope of the curve above). So although the current infection rate is still very high compared to the summer, at least things are generally holding steady at the moment. However, there is a wildcard in the whole situation in the form of COVID-19 variants. Much like how the original COVID-19 virus couldn't be kept off-shore, it is obvious at this point that these new variants are spreading in the U.S. as well. Unfortunately, not much is known about them yet or whether the current vaccines will be effective against these new strains. Hopefully, these variants will not lead to a third wave that the vaccines can't stop.
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