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Live Entertainment for the Week of May 27. 2024
▶ Posted 05-26-2024, By Staff Writer
Getting tired of Netflix? Then get out of the house and experience some live entertainment for a change. From music performances to comedy routines, there's nothing like actually being there in person. Just check out these live events coming up in North Jersey.
Secaucus Woman Arrested on Drug Charges
▶ Posted 05-24-2024, From Secaucus Police
Josephine Dimoplon of Secaucus, age 61, is arrested for distribution of crack/cocaine after a tip to police from a concerned citizen.
▶ Posted 05-22-2024, From Patch
The DEA had been monitoring the warehouse, which federal prosecutors say was used to store fentanyl pills and raw powder fentanyl:
Secaucus Police Blotter 05/13/2024-to-05/19/2024
▶ Posted 05-20-2024, From Secaucus Police
Last week's arrests and incidents as released by the Secaucus Police Department.
▶ Posted 05-20-2024, From Patch
She authored a history book about Hoboken, held important posts in Hudson County, and was a teacher in Secaucus.
Dance Related Events for the Week of May 20, 2024
▶ Posted 05-19-2024, By Staff Writer
From elegant dances like the Tango to more fast-paced styles like the Salsa, there are lots of ways to trip the light fantastic. Get your feet moving with these dance-related events happening in Northern New Jersey.
Secaucus Police Officers Resuscitate Man
▶ Posted 05-15-2024, From Secaucus Police
Police Officers Borrelli and Hawxhurst saves the life of an unresponsive man at Harmon Cove Towers in Secaucus on the night of May 12, 2024.
▶ Posted 05-14-2024, From Patch
A Babies 'R' Us is scheduled to open inside the Secaucus Kohl's this August.
▶ Posted 05-13-2024, From Patch
He does not hesitate to go out of his way to lend a helping hand, the person who nominated him as a Patch Star Student said.
Secaucus Police Arrest Jersey City Man and Recover Stolen Vehicle
▶ Posted 05-13-2024, From Secaucus Police
Brian Gilliam of Jersey City, age 40, is arrested at the Walmart parking lot in Secaucus after he was found in possession of a stolen vehicle.
Secaucus Police Blotter 05/06/2024 to 05/12/2024
▶ Posted 05-13-2024, From Secaucus Police
Last week's arrests and incidents as released by the Secaucus Police Department.
Cultural acitivites for the Week of May 13, 2024
▶ Posted 05-12-2024, By Staff Writer
Interested in a foreign language? Want to learn about another culture? Or looking for others with the same background to connect with? Then these activities in Northen New Jersey might be right up your alley.
May 2024 Secaucus Newsletter
▶ Posted 05-09-2024, By Staff Writer
The latest Secaucus Township newsletter is now available.
Secaucus Memorial Day Parade
▶ Posted 05-09-2024, From Secaucus Township
Commemorate our nation's troops at Secaucus' Memorial Day Parade taking place on Saturday, May 18, 2024.
Newark Man Eludes Police
▶ Posted 05-06-2024, From Harrison Police
32-year-old Dasjon Simpson of Newark, who has outstanding warrants out of Secaucus, evades police during a traffic stop in Harrison.
Secaucus Police Blotter 04/29/2024 to 05/05/2024
▶ Posted 05-06-2024, From Secaucus Police
See last week's arrests and incidents as released by the Secaucus Police Department.
Fitness Activities for the Week of May 6, 2024
▶ Posted 05-05-2024, By Staff Writer
Feel like you are becoming a couch potato? Then get off the sofa, and check out these upcoming fitness activities happening in Northern New Jersey.
Secaucus Lottery Player Joins the Millionaire's Club
▶ Posted 04-29-2024, By Staff Writer
A lucky Powerball player just won the second-tier prize in the April 27, 2024 drawing thanks to a ticket purchased at Te-Amo.
Secaucus School Lunch Farm Program
▶ Posted 04-29-2024, From Secaucus Township
Sign up for Secaucus' weekly organic farm share CSA with a convenient pick-up location at the public library.
Secaucus Police Arrest Union City Man on Stolen Moped
▶ Posted 04-29-2024, From Secaucus Police
Andy Perez is arrested after a traffic stop revealed that he was driving a stolen moped and was in possession of stolen goods from Marshalls.
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